Best Grow Lights Manufacturer


Our company offers LED lighting fixtures for two main types of horticulture – vertical farms and greenhouses. Since we are the manufacturer we control the entire production process of LED lighting from the stage of components selection and ending with the final testing of finished products. The quality of our LED Grow Lights proven by many tests and conformed by growers. The spectra of our lamps fits any growing stage of crops, vegetables and flowers and we also can change the spectra of our LED Grow Lights according to customer needs.

With more than 20 years of lighting experience, we are a lighting manufacturer who understands what goes into producing quality lighting systems. Our factory comprehensive product line includes LED Grow Lights and Grow tents, along with Grow buld rated fixtures. We have leading LED driver designs and patents. Our strategic partnerships with industry leading vendors have allowed us to achieve just that.

With our products we tried to cover all possible aspects of indoor growing. In our products we combine components from the best manufacturers with our innovative technologies to create the products which will change the face of indoor farming. We develop a strong relationship with our customers and change our products according to their needs. We also provide 3 year warranty policy, quickly react on any feedbacks and help customers make proper calculations and choose the right amount of LED Grow Lights.