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How To Use The LED Grow Lights To Work?

1) indoor use only.

2) do not touch the surface of the lamp when plugged in.

3) should not be used where there is water or irrigation.

4) do not let the water soak the plant lamp.

5) plant light environment temperature below 65 ℃. To the best of greenhouses, the temperature is between 25 ℃, 28 ℃.

6) it’s easy to attract insects and small animals when the plant lights are on at night, so it’s best to close the door to the greenhouse.

7) irradiation time should not exceed 12 hours.

8) the distance between the plant lamp and the plant is 1.5m to 4m, which is adjusted according to the power of the lamp and the demand of the plant, but it should not be too close to avoid burning the plants


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